Curry, Morales speak out after Lauer's firing over 'inappropriate sexual behavior'

Two former “Today” show anchors spoke out Wednesday after learning that their former colleague was fired over sexual harassment allegations.

Ann Curry, who formerly worked alongside Matt Lauer on the "Today" show, told People that she is “really processing it.”

Curry's departure from the show was plagued with rumors of sexism. She left the network after 25 years in 2015.

She had a previously arranged interview with the magazine and said she didn't want to specifically address Lauer's departure.

"The women’s movement got us into the workplace, but it didn’t make us safe once we got there,” she said. "And the battle lines are now clear. We need to move this revolution forward and make our workplaces safe. Corporate America is quite clearly failing to do so, and unless it does something to change that, we need to keep doing more ourselves."

Natalie Morales, who took over for Billy Bush on NBC’s “Access Hollywood,” said she was “in shock” after learning about the allegations, People reported.

“I have personally dealt with rumors in the past for years that were hurtful to me, my family – they diminished my hard work,” she said on the show, apparently taking aim at past rumors about her relationship with Lauer. “I’ve addressed those rumors head-on in the past. That is not the story today. The story today is the courage of a colleague who did come forward, and when and if she wants to tell her story publicly, I’m sure she will. But it did take a lot of courage for her to come forward. It was no doubt a very painful decision.”

Lauer was axed on Wednesday just hours after a secret meeting where his alleged victim and her lawyer told NBC brass her story of inappropriate sexual behavior from the long-time "Today Show" host. The alleged incident took place at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the "Today" show reported via its website.