Glen Campbell's widow, daughter talk country icon's legacy

The late Glen Campbell was remembered by his fellow country singers at last week's CMA Awards with a special tribute to the "Gentle On My Mind" singer.

Campbell's widow Kim and daughter Ashley told Fox News they're carrying on the singer's legacy following his August death after battle with Alzheimer's.

"The love that everyone has been showing, with a tribute and the award [has been amazing]," Ashley told Fox News. "Anyone I meet that finds out who I am, they're like 'Your father's music meant this to me, and I grew up with it' and so did I, it's just great."

Kim told us she's started a foundation to help those with Alzheimer's disease and their families.

"I founded the Careliving foundation to raise awareness and educate people about caregivers," Kim said. "They're often forgotten and become the second victims of these diseases."

She said people have opened up to her about their stories with Alzheimer's.

"I think our film 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me' definitely made people feel seen and heard because you know, Alzheimer's is kind of in the shadows and Glen just announced that he had it and went public with it and continued to live his life in the public."

Ashley also spoke to us about what it meant to her to be featured on her father's last album, "Adios."

"It's songs that I grew up hearing him play just around the house, and so it's really a big part of my life and growing up," she told us.

She has her own debut album out next year and said her dad was a big influence on her music.

"My dad always said, 'Do what you love, do things that make you happy and you'll stay true to yourself.' And so...I wrote all my songs and they just are very truthful and realistic."