'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott reveals brother Jonathan's marriage prank

"Property Brothers" star Drew Scott is performing on "Dancing with the Stars" without his identical twin brother and HGTV sidekick Jonathan.

Drew will also beat Jonathan to the altar, as he's planning a spring 2018 wedding with fiancée Linda Phan.

"He actually was joking he was going to prank me. I was proposing to Linda. [He said he] was going to go get married just to stick it to me but I'm glad he didn't," Drew told FOX 411 about Jonathan after Monday night's premiere of "DWTS."

Drew smiled, "No. He couldn't be happier for Linda and me."

The reality TV star, 39, proposed to Phan, 31, last year with an elaborate Dr. Seuss-themed proposal in a nod to his beloved's favorite author.

Drew told reporters "DWTS" casting producers had been asking him and Jonathan to do the show for years but he finally decided to do it on his own with pro partner Emma Slater. Phan provided the motivation.

"The whole reason I said yes to do the show was for my fiancé. Linda and I are getting married in the spring in the new year, so Emma is going to be teaching us some moves for our first dance and on top of that, just to be able to learn to dance in general, that's going to make me the coolest hubby, to actually have the moves at the wedding," he said.

The "Property Brothers" whiz, whose soon-to-be-wife oversees Scott Brothers Entertainment, said Phan is also committed to his "DWTS" rehearsals: "She's there the whole time so if you're actually looking behind Emma and me in some of these shots when they're filming, Linda's learning the steps behind us."

Drew told FOX 411 why Phan is the one for him, noting, "The moment you meet her, she shines. She absolutely shines and it's her smile; it's her personality. She's got the same warped sense of humor as me and she's absolutely stunning. She's one of a kind."

Both Phan and Jonathan are cheering Drew on in his "DWTS" journey and Drew told reporters backstage on Monday about his twin brother, "We're always going to do stuff together but we love supporting each other when we do [things] apart. And with our brother versus brother, we never push each other in competition to push each other down. We push each other to do better. We've done that our whole lives."