'Total Divas' star Carmella on joining the reality TV series: 'I want to make history'

WWE Superstar Carmella was officially named as one of the new cast members of E!’s hit reality TV series “Total Divas” alongside the Bella Twins on Monday — and she still can’t believe it.

“I watched it before I was even signed by the WWE,” the 29-year-old told TheWrap.com. “I’ve been watching it since the very first season, so for me to be a part of it now is crazy… it doesn’t even feel real.”


A rep for the series told Fox News in a release that “Total Divas” is scheduled to return on September 6.

“The new season will introduce fans to WWE Superstars Carmella, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss,” wrote the rep. “’Total Divas’ gives viewers a beyond-the-ropes look into how these strong, influential women juggle life on the road with their personal and romantic lives.”

The pro wrestler admitted it hasn't been easy having cameras follow her at all times, especially when it came to chronicling her love life.

“It was different at first, that’s for sure,” she explained. “How am I supposed to act, what am I supposed to do? When you sign up for a reality show, you have to put your personal life out there. But I am excited to share my struggle with my relationship. I am dating another WWE Superstar Big Cass.

"We get to show the world our struggles as it’s like a long-distance relationship and we only see each other one-and-a-half days a week, sometimes less. I really want to show women that it is OK to have a career and put that — not necessarily first — but to put it out there. You can do it all. Is it going to be hard? Yes. Is it going to be worth it? Of course.”

Still, Carmella insisted that unlike other reality shows, “Total Divas” aims to inspire female viewers.

“I really think it is important especially at this time in the women’s revolution to show we’re not here to bring each other down, we’re here to bring each other up,” she said.

Carmella also added: "There’s going to be inevitable drama with the travel, sometimes it gets to you and you forget what’s really important and why we’re all here. My role on the show so far from filming is trying to be the peacemaker and remind everyone what we’re doing here — we are making history, having great matches and moving forward with this women’s revolution. I just want to be champion, I want to make history.”