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Hollywood made Lindsey Vonn wonder if she should lose weight

Four4Four: Tiger Woods' ex and extremely fit alpine skier Lindsey Vonn says that Hollywood red carpets make her want to lose weight


While many people look at Lindsey Vonn's body in awe, the Olympic skier admits there were times when she felt insecure about her figure.

Vonn writes in her upcoming book "Strong Is the New Beautiful" that attending Hollywood parties made her question her athletic build.

"The more time I spent at these events, the more I began to feel that I didn't quite fit in," Vonn writes according to the New York Post.

"It seemed like everyone was model-thin, with tiny waists and long willowy legs...I thought: 'Should I not wear this dress? Do I need to lose weight if I want to stay socially relevant as an athlete?'"

Vonn seems to have moved past her insecurities, often-wearing revealing outfits at red carpet events.

Pull-ups work. Fact. 💪🏻 Hard work pays off. Fact. #strongisthenewbeautiful

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She also shares a variety of workout pictures of videos on her Instagram.

Getting stronger :) ⛓💪🏻

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Vonn's new book hits stores October 4.