Mike Huckabee shares his favorite movie, TV show and band

To try to help you get to know the 2016 presidential candidates better, FOX411 is trying to ask every each candidate his or her favorite musician, movie and TV show.

Governor Mike Huckabee was quick to answer when asked what his favorite television show was.

"There was a show on FOX News Channel called 'Huckabee,' which was a great, great show," Huckabee joked. "Unfortunately it's not on anymore. When it was on it was a killer show and by far I think it's the greatest  TV show in a generation."

When it comes to the former governor's favorite movie it's a toss up between "Casablanca" and "Godfather Part 2."

Huckabee isn't divided when it comes to his favorite band. "The Beatles," he answered. "They just set the template for the rock 'n' roll era."