Farmer uses machine to toss crashed car from field as police watch

That’s one way to spend a Sunday.

An English farmer took matters into his own telescopic handler's hand over the weekend when he discovered a car that was apparently crashed onto his property and abandoned.

A farmer took matters into his own hands to remove a car which was abandoned in his field after the driver crashed and fled the scene. See MASONS story MNFIELD.  The Audi A4 ran off the road and on to land containing livestock - before the occupant got out and disappeared.  But the farmer wasn't hanging around for the driver to return and unceremoniously flung the car from his field in Ampthill, Beds., this morning (sun).  Traffic cops tweeted pictures of the silver saloon being hoisted into the air by a piece of farming machinery.


With the blessing of the local police, the Ampthill, Bedfordshire man used the wheeled piece of machinery to pick up the Audi A4 and deposit it on the road for pickup.

“If you are going to crash into a farmers field with livestock and cause damage then run from the scene over night leaving the field insecure do not expect your vehicle to be recovered with too much care! Enquiries on-going to trace driver,” the police wrote on Twitter.

According to Farmers Weekly, the car was suspected stolen and later collected by a scrap car recycling company.

Police are still searching for the driver of the Audi.

Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor.