The Nissan XMotion is the most bizarre concept car at the Detroit Auto Show

You don’t see as many outlandish concept cars at auto shows these days, but sometimes there’s a doozy.

The Nissan XMotion, which is pronounced Cross Motion, is a possible vision of the brand’s future utility vehicles.

Its bulky body has an overstuffed look and clamshell doors that provide entry to a cabin inspired by traditional Japanese crafts with a futuristic twist.

Six seats sit alongside a bridge of wood down the center of the car created with ancient Japanese joinery techniques.

It connects up front to a wooden console supporting a dash equipped with a door-to-door display, where a digital assistant lives and takes the form of a koi swimming around the screen.

Meanwhile second row passengers use a floating device that looks like a hovering top to interact with the infotainment system.

When all the seats are full, a pop-up compartment on the roof provides extra cargo space, which is probably the most practical feature on the vehicle.

Nissan even reinvented the wheel by laminating run-flat tires to the rims.

It’s a truly bizarre design experiment, but maybe not that far-fetched.

Nissan did make the Juke, after all.

Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor. Follow him on Twitter @garygastelu