Elon Musk unveils car elevator envisioned for underground highway plan

Tesla is going down.

At least one Model S is in a video posted to Instagram by Elon Musk of the first car elevator built by his new tunneling endeavor, The Boring Company.

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In April, Musk unveiled a grand plan to build a network of traffic tunnels under Los Angeles that cars would access through strategically-located elevators on the street. Once underground, the cars would ride on computer-controlled maglev sleds at speeds of 124 mph and be directed to their destination like packets of data in a computer.

The elevator video was not accompanied by claims of any breakthrough technologies used in its construction.

The Boring Company has been doing a series of tests on the campus of Musk’s SpaceX in Hawthorne, Calif., as it explores the development of a high-speed drilling machine that would be used for not just the proposed subterranean highway, but also for an underground Hyperloop transportation system that would link the cities between Washington, D.C. and Boston with 760 mph pods.

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Musk claimed last week to have ‘verbal’ government approval to build, although it’s still not clear exactly who granted it to him.

Along with the elevator, Musk previously released video of what he says is a prototype for one of the sleds on a test run through a tunnel.