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Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece White takes $932 Uber ride to practice

It was the Super Bowl of Uber rides.

Uber driver Hadi Abdollahian didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when he accepted a pickup at Chicago O’Hare airport late Sunday night.

But when he picked up his passenger, and looked at the destination, he realized he was in for a long shift.

Although he didn’t know who he was at the time, Abdollahian’s fare was Buffalo Bills Cornerback Shareece Wright, who was on his way to practice…in Buffalo.

The Bill’s new free agent signing couldn’t get a flight, and wanted to make it to a voluntary practice session on Monday, so he gave Uber a shot.

Lucky for him, he got the right driver.

Abdollahian could’ve passed on the excessively long trip, but told The Washington Post that he never thought twice about it.

The over 500-mile-long ride took eight hours, and the pair got pally along the way. When they arrived at 7 am on Monday morning the bill rang up at $632.08, but Wright added a $300 tip.

The gratuity alone is more than the cost of a typical one-way flight from Chicago to Buffalo.

After Wright posted about the trip on social media, Uber, which happens to be a Bills sponsor, reached out to Abdollahian to get the story, but didn’t offer him a bonus or any extra compensation, according to The Post.

However, another Bills sponsor, BlueRock Energy, was apparently very happy that the player made it to practice, because they thanked Abdollahian by matching the fare and tip with a check for $932.08.

The driver is a Chicago Bears fan, but says he will be rooting for the Bills this season, too.