Elon Musk spots sloth at DMV

One of the most memorable scenes in the film “Zootopia” pokes fun the stereotype that DMV employees can be…well, pokey, by casting them as sloths.

But the joke-loving sloth character Flash has at least one fan at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

None other than Elon Musk spotted a stuffed Flash doll on the desk of a DMV employee that helped him out on Monday, and he posted a photo of the plush novelty to his Instagram account.

‪Was just at the DMV & dude had the actual sloth from Zootopia on his desk‬

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Musk added on Twitter that “He was great though.”

The sidebar to this, of course, is that even a billionaire who owns his own car company has to stop by the DMV now and then. So don’t feel so bad the next time you’re waiting for your number to be called.

Perhaps this is the real reason Musk is developing self-driving cars.