GM Gives "Perfect" Pitcher Galarraga New Corvette



You’ve always gotta root for the home team, even if they’re not perfect.

One day after a blown call by an umpire kept Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga from entering the history books with a rare perfect game, he got something to put in his garage instead.

On Thursday, General Motors North America President Mark Reuss drove a little red Corvette Grand Sport Convertible on to the field at Comercia Park, and handed the Venezuelan right-hander the keys in what could go down in history as the first perfect public relations move.

In a statement, Reuss said he has been lifelong friends with the Ilitch family who owns the Tigers, and that they have been great supporters of General Motors – we’ll assume that means they buy a lot of cars.

"It is only fitting we help give back for all the Ilitches have done for Detroit and to celebrate Armando’s pitching and sportsmanship during one of the most captivating evenings in Tigers history,” Reuss wrote.

Talk about a friends and family plan.

No word yet if any Ford Mustangs are on their way to the Detroit LionsFord Field – but their backfield could probably use a few.

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