Warsaw's iconic, controversial rainbow art, popular among LGBT groups, taken down at night

Warsaw's controversial rainbow art, once installed by an old cloister and then a symbol of Poland's leadership in the European Union and of tolerance for sexual minorities, has been taken down by the authorities at night.

Magda Mich, spokeswoman for a culture institute that had the colorful arch planted in downtown Warsaw, said Thursday that it was a temporary installation and was long planned to be moved to another location, still to be announced.

The six-color, 9 meters (30 feet)-high rainbow by artist Julita Wojcik started in 2010 as half-arch calling for renovation of an old cloister. A full rainbow, it advertised Poland's 2011 EU presidency in Brussels. Then it was moved to Warsaw's Savior Square, where it became a symbol of tolerance, but was repeatedly set on fire.