Detectives in London still are trying to determine the cause of the death for a Muslim man who died during the van attack near Finsbury Park Mosque, the city's police chief said Wednesday.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said a special post-mortem examination has been carried out on the victim, 51-year-old Makram Ali. Ali was already ill and receiving first aid early Monday when a van swerved at him and other pedestrians.

It will be important for police and prosecutors to determine if he died as a direct result of the van attack. If the attack is judged to have caused his death, the suspect could face more serious charges than if Ali were found to have died for other reasons.

Police have characterized the incident, which came as worshippers were leaving mosques after prayers marking the holy month of Ramadan, as a terrorist attack directed at Muslims.

Prince Charles met with community leaders Wednesday to show support for the Muslim community, which has reported an increase in hate crimes in recent months.

Ali was pronounced dead at the scene and nine other people were hospitalized. British health officials said four patients were still hospitalized Wednesday, with two in critical condition.

Suspect Darren Osborne, 47, is being questioned by police. Osborne, who had been living in Wales, was arrested on several counts, including the preparation or instigation of terrorism.

His family said he had been "troubled" for a long time.

The attack has raised tensions in London, which had already been struck by three separate extremist attacks in the last three months.

London police say a man was subdued with a stun gun and arrested early Wednesday after he was reported to be attacking people at the Regents Park Mosque in north London.

Police said no one was actually attacked but the man was waving a shoe horn taken from the mosque at people.

Police said that incident is not seen as related to terrorism.