Turkish police detain 11 demonstrators in G-20 protests in Istanbul and Antalya

Turkish authorities have detained 11 people who staged demonstrations in protest of the G-20 summit meeting near the Turkish Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya.

The state-run Anadolu Agency says police nabbed four protesters who held up placards outside a domestic flights terminal at Antalya airport on Saturday. The private Dogan news agency said the protesters were members of a left-wing group and held up banners that read: "Murderer U.S. get out of the Middle East."

Seven others demonstrators were detained in Istanbul after protesting G-20 leaders outside the German and British consulates.

The terror attacks in Paris and the war in Syria are expected to loom large at the G-20 gathering in Turkey.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the deadliest attacks in France since World War II.