Today in History: An Earthquake Levels Quito and Puerto Rico Abolishes Slavery

1) On Mar 22, 1859: Earthquake destroys landmarks in Quito, Ecuador

Did you know?

Quito, Ecuador, is hit by a violent earthquake that kills 5,000 people and destroys some of the most famous buildings in South America -- including the Government Palace, the Archepiscopal Palace, the Chapel of El Sagrario and the Temple of the Augustines. For more click here.

2) On Mar 22, 1873, Puerto Rico Abolishes Slavery.

Did you know?

Plantation labor would extend for three years after the passing of these laws. The period of slavery on Puerto Rico was relatively short lived lasting only three decades.

3) On Mar 22, 1978, Karl Wallenda, fell to his death while attempting to walk a cable strung between two hotel towers in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Did you know?

Karl was the founder of the Flying Wallendas, an internationally known daredevil circus act famous for performing death-defying stunts without a safety net.

In 1978, Karl attempted to walk between the two towers of the ten story Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The fall was captured on video by WAPA-TV as anchorman Guillermo José Torres narrated the terrible fall.