Texas Boy Kidnapped as an Infant to be Reunited With Family After 8 Years

A Texas boy who was kidnapped as an infant is finally being reunited with his siblings.

On Wednesday, a Houston judge ruled that 8-year-old Miguel Morin should be removed from foster care and given to a couple caring for his four siblings. The boy has been in foster care since authorities found him in March living in East Texas with his former baby sitter.

Child Protective Services officials say their goal remains to eventually have Miguel live with his real parents. But more review time is needed, they said.

Meanwhile, Miguel is expected to reunite with his siblings by Friday after his paperwork is completed.

Miguel began meeting, in a therapeutic setting, with his four siblings back in October. His siblings are living with Juanita and Joseph Aguillard, a Houston couple who have been taking care of the Morins' other children under an agreement between the couples.

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Found in March, the boy's former baby sitter and her mother are charged with kidnapping.

Since that time, Morin has begun getting to know his parents through weekly joint therapy sessions with them, attorneys and child welfare officials.

Mark Cooper, Fernando Morin's attorney, said Miguel was carefully being reintroduced to the "real people in his life."

"It's going gently and slowly and appropriately and progress is being made and it looks good," he said.

The boy has been in foster care since authorities found him in March living in East Texas with Krystle Tanner, who had been Miguel's baby sitter in Houston. Investigators believe she kidnapped the boy in 2004 when he was just 8 months old and concealed his identity for years.

Tanner and her mother, Gloria Walker, each have been charged with kidnapping and injury to a child. They have pleaded not guilty.

Estella Olguin, a spokeswoman for Child Protective Services in Houston, said when authorities found Miguel, he had never gone to school, was unable to read or write and functioned at a level below kindergarten. Now with additional help he has received, including once a week tutoring, he has caught up and is now attending second grade.

"He is doing really remarkably," she said. "He's really a great little man."

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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