SXSW Crash Survivor About The Man Who Ran Her Over: 'I Have No Sympathy For Him'

Maria Belyaeva is a 19-year-old UT student -- born in Russia but raised in Houston.
She's studying computer science and film.
Early Thursday morning, she and a few of her friends were roaming the renowned South By Southwest entertainment and tech fest, headed to an event that was canceled.

"I suggested going to the Mohawk because I went a lot last year and you know it's free, it's not 21 and up," Belyaeva said.

The last thing Maria remembers is crossing the street to get to the Mohawk.

Then she woke up, next to someone she didn't even know, who held her hand and yet another stranger holding her head.

"At first I kind of thought that I was dreaming or something because I didn't really feel anything, I was just kind of in an uncomfortable position on the ground," she said.

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Belyaeva says she was told she was out cold for about 2 minutes.  Eventually paramedics started treating her.

"I managed to like answer everything and I could remember my name and somehow my social security number because half the time I can't remember that anyway," she said.

She managed to call her mom in Houston to tell her what happened. Then she was taken to the hospital where she stayed until 6 that morning,

Maria still has staples in the back of her head, various cuts and bruises and a very sprained and swollen ankle.

There's also some scarring you can't see -- the emotional kind.

"For the first few days after the accident I would just like start crying and I wouldn't really know why, like my friends were gonna give me an ice pack and I just like freaked out about being touched," she said.

As for the alleged driver -- Rashad Owens -- who according to police documents was fleeing from police, Belyaeva has choice words.

"I have no sympathy for him. I didn't know what happened to my friends. I was really worried, like I'm also really hurt. He killed two people ...  that's not an okay thing to do, you should be responsible for your actions and you should take the consequences," Belyaeva said.

There are currently 7 patients still in various Austin hospitals, two of them remain in critical condition.

Rashad Owens has been charged with capital murder.

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