Swiss Couple Claims Mysterious 'Forest Boy' Is Grandson

A Swiss couple believes they are the grandparents of the mysterious 'Forest Boy' who emerged in Berlin last month, saying he had lived in the wild for five years with his father, the U.K. Daily Mail reports.

After seeing a picture of the blonde-haired, blue eyed teenager named Ray, the pair contacted police and are due to give a DNA sample to be tested.

Police and social workers began investigating Ray's story about two weeks ago on suspicious that his tale was bogus.

Ray told authorities that he went into the wild with his father, Ryan, after the death of his mother. They lived in a forest near Berlin and slept in a tent or huts they found in the wild.

He claims his father died and he buried him in a shallow grave which he covered in stones. He then began to walk north and after two weeks reached Berlin.

The boy speaks English fluently but has little facility with German.

Ray is now in the care of social workers after a legal guardian was appointed to represent his interests.

If it is found that he comes from Switzerland he will be deported back there.

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