State burial in Poland for WWII heroes slain by communists

A state burial in Poland has been held for two World War II heroes who fought the Germans but were later killed by the communists for their pro-independence activity.

The relatives of the 17-year-old Home Army nurse and a 42-year-old officer attended the ceremonies Sunday along with Polish government officials. The burials took place in Gdansk, in the north, where the two were captured in 1946, tortured and executed on Aug. 28, 1946. Their bodies were dumped in an unmarked pit at Gdansk cemetery.

The remains of Danuta Siedzikowna and Feliks Selmanowicz were found and identified in 2014, allowing for proper burial.

Democratic Poland takes special effort to honor and remember pro-independence and anti-communist fighters who were persecuted, killed and erased from history books for decades under communism.