Spanish-Language TV Personality Arrested for Stealing K-Mart Chairs

Officials have arrested a Spanish-language television personality after he was caught on camera stealing from a neighbor, police said.

TV reporter Frank Cairo hosts a number of programs on Spanish-language television. According to officials, however, Cairo is responsible for stealing lawn furniture from his neighbor. He has since bonded out of jail and said there is more to this story after being released Friday morning.

On Thursday, Cairo claimed the accusations against him are not true. While in handcuffs, the 48-year-old told reporters he makes more than a half million dollars per year, and he has no reason to steal any furniture.

However, the surveillance video may tell a different story. Police said the man in the video who walked onto a screen-enclosed porch and stole a lawn chair is indeed Cairo. "I did look it up on Google, and I did see a YouTube [video], and I saw that [Cairo is] interviewed a bunch of Spanish artists and stuff like that," said Doral Police chief Ricardo Gómez.

Cairo's legal name is Iván Valdez, and according to police, he is the man in the video looking through several windows of the home, even checking the patio door to see if it is unlocked.

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The suspect can then be seen grabbing one of the patio chairs and using it to prop open the patio's screen door. Then, he grabbed the chaise lounge with one hand and walked out of the patio.

Police said Cairo has admitted to the theft and said he thought the house was abandoned. Gómez said, "He made certain admissions, and he thought that the house was abandoned, but when you look at the video, the house isn't abandoned. It's just a vacation home for these people."

Doral Police said Cairo is facing a burglary charge, which carries with it a three-to-five-year prison sentence. However, since Cairo has no priors, and the burglary was not a violent crime, he may face no jail time at all.

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