School Bus Driver Apologizes For Lying About Receiving Call From Son In Afghanistan

A South Florida school bus driver has apologized for taking a phone call while working after she was confronted by the School Board about a call she had claimed was from her son in Afghanistan.

Broward County School bus driver, Rossana Lucas, was caught answering a phone call while on the job. She was suspended for 10 days after she admitted she had lied when she had claimed a call she took while she was working was from her military son serving in Afghanistan. Back in March, she pleaded with the school board and even cried to not be suspended.

It was the week before Christmas, Lucas said she received an emergency call. She claims she was not even two blocks away from the school parking lot when she received the phone call.

7News interviewed her back in March as she held her son's picture and recounted the story. "He said, 'Mom, I'm OK, I love you and happy birthday,' because my birthday was on Dec. 10, and I said. 'Thank you. I love you, and you take care. And that's it." said Lucas.

Lucas read an apologetic statement to the Broward County School Board on Tuesday morning after the school board asked her to provide her phone records, and that's when her story unraveled.

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"Good morning. My name is Rossana Lucas. I'm apologizing to the school board and superintendent, Runcie and the staff," said Lucas, reading her statement. "I know there are rules, and I voluntarily agreed to the 10-day suspension, besides the five days. And I know that day it was not my son, thank you."

Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie said, "We take everything that individuals say to us seriously, and as I indicated at the last meeting, I would pull the item. I would review it thoroughly."

A concerned citizen Ronald Barish said, "I was really for her at that time. At least, she came forward with it. But still, it happened. She should never lie about something like that."

Another concerned person, Patricia Taime said, "Lying, first of all, that is not something that shows any sort of integrity."

Runcie said that Lucas realized she made a mistake.

"We certainly accept her apology. People do make mistakes," he added. "She came forward, and I have to respect her for that, and again we accept her apology. I believe she should certainly use this as a learning experience, and I think all of our employees should as well."

She never handed over her phone records. She just gave her suspension notice shortly after it was asked of her. Who the call was from remains unknown.

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