Romania's interior minister says he didn't know police officer died, as public anger grows

Romania's interior minister, in his first comments about the on-duty death of a police officer last week, says he was unaware of the accident in his motorcade.

Hundreds protested against Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea on Sunday, reflecting widespread anger about the case.

Policeman Bogdan Gigina died after riding his motorbike into a hole on Oct. 20. Gigina was in a motorcade easing a route in Bucharest for Oprea.

Oprea said Monday his motorcade stopped on that evening, but he did not know why. A police officer then told the vehicles to move on.

Oprea insisted he did not break the law by using the motorcade, but has not said why he needed it.

Prosecutors investigating possible manslaughter say they have received incomplete information from the interior ministry and police.