Report: furniture, art missing from Polish presidential buildings among mismanagement

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An official report by Poland's new government says some furniture and art went missing from presidential buildings under the previous president.

The "state of affairs" report was published Thursday by aides of President Andrzej Duda who took office in August, succeeding Bronislaw Komorowski.

The report says two pictures and a sculpture are missing from the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, while furniture and household appliances worth some 1.3 million zlotys ($326,000; 306,000 euros) in villas in Klarysew and Promnik were "liquidated" in 2015, in violation of the law.

Duda's aide, Andrzej Dera, said that prosecutors will be notified because only "bare walls" are left in Klarysew.

The report also lists last-minute steep wage raises and other bonuses for the previous team, along with cases of "unjustified spending."