Raccoon in 'erotic' ad became obsessed with breasts, zoo says

A furious zoo claims their raccoon was left obsessed with women’s breasts after it featured in an “erotic advert” without their knowledge.

The Moscow petting zoo has filed a lawsuit against video studio Art-Msk who rented the creature for what the zoo believed would be a regular commercial last year.

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However the raunchy advertisement featured a topless model lying on the bed playing with the tiny animal, as saucy footage shows the beautiful blonde at one point using the raccoon to cover her exposed boobs.

When the ad firm refused to withdraw the clip, the zoo launched legal action.

Zoo spokesman Viktor Kiryukhin told the BBC that the mammal Thomas was traumatised when he returned and that staff “noticed he was attracted to women’s breasts”.

He added: “It took two to three months to change his behaviour.

“Now he is happy again, but he was sad before.”

The zoo, which has the motto ‘little animals are not toys’, said that it is “immoral to mix nature with eroticism”.

Story first appeared in The Sun.