Palestinian attacker shot dead after ramming car into Israeli soldiers

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A Palestinian attacker was shot and killed Thursday after he rammed his car into a group of Israeli soldiers on patrol in the West Bank, the military said.

One Israeli soldier was wounded in the attack. The army says the Palestinian driver barreled into the soldiers as they were patrolling a road near the West Bank city of Nablus.

Thursday's attack is the latest in more than three months of Israeli-Palestinian violence. Palestinian attacks have claimed 21 lives on the Israeli side. At least 131 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, 90 of them identified by Israel as assailants.

Israel says the violence is fanned by a Palestinian campaign of lies and incitement, but Palestinians say it is fueled by frustration at nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation.

Palestinians accuse Israel of using excessive force in trying to subdue assailants, who have carried out near-daily, seemingly spontaneous attacks against Israelis using knives, guns and cars.

On Thursday, the Palestinian rights group Al-Haq said at least 85 Palestinians said by Israel to have been attackers were killed by Israeli fire in what the group called "extrajudicial killings."

"It was clear to us that the Israeli forces killed them at a time when it could have controlled them or neutralized them," said Shawan Jabarin, the group's director.

Israeli security officials say forces have responded proportionately to threats from the attackers.