More strife between defendant, lawyers in German neo-Nazi trial; court refuses investigation

A Munich court has refused to order a criminal investigation into claims by a woman accused of complicity in 10 neo-Nazi murders that her attorneys violated her privacy.

It is the latest development in an ongoing spat between Beate Zschaepe and her three court-appointed lawyers.

Prosecutors allege she was part of the National Socialist Underground, which allegedly killed 10 people, mostly immigrants, between 2000 and 2007. The group's two other members died in 2011.

Zschaepe had accused her attorneys of violating attorney-client privilege in discussions with the presiding judge over whether she would testify. But the court said Wednesday the attorneys had spoken of nothing that could reflect her guilt or innocence.

Earlier this month the court rejected the attorneys' resignations but did grant Zschaepe a fourth lawyer.