Mixed nuts, ice cream and free miles _ US delegation finds new measures of time at Iran talks

The Iran nuclear talks have once again been extended — this time until Friday. But instead of just counting the time of the marathon talks in days, the U.S. delegation has found new ways of measuring. Its list, presented Tuesday:

Trips to Vienna in 2014 — 11.

Trips to Vienna this year — 6.

Times flown over the Atlantic Ocean since the start of talks on a comprehensive deal in February 2014 — 69.

Distance flown since then — one delegation member's estimate is 400,000 miles, or 16 times around the earth.

Snacks consumed by the roughly one dozen members of the delegation since June — Twizzlers licorice twists, 10 pounds; mixed nuts and dried fruits, 30 pounds; string cheese, 20 pounds; more than 200 Rice Krispies treats. And nearly a gallon of ice cream.