Manchester attack: Ex-CIA officer says publication of leaked pics 'goes too far'

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright told Fox News Thursday night that the publication of leaked forensic photos by the New York Times after Monday's terror attack in Manchester, England was "deeply disturbing" and "not in the interest of the nation."

"There are grave consequences for these choices," Wright told "Tucker Carlson Tonight." "Imagine you’re an informant ... and you know that your information is going to be leaked or potentially could be leaked.


"Do you want to sign up for that? Do you want to go to that next meeting with a CIA officer [or] an MI5 officer?" Wright went on. "Or would you want to work with the CIA or MI5 or MI6 guys? The answer is, maybe not."

British officials reportedly were infuriated by the disclosure of the images, which showed parts of the bomb detonated by Salman Abedi outside an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. The blast killed 22 people and injured 119 others.

British Prime Minister Theresa May confronted President Trump about the leaks on the sidelines of Thursday's NATO summit in Brussels.

Wright also said that the Times decision to publish the images was about "money and greed."

"If they get more viewers on their website or otherwise, more advertisers are going to come to them and more people are going to pay more money for it," Wright said. "So, this was not about informing the American people or people around the world about something that was very important ... Journalism has become greed in far too many parts of our country."