Kerry breaks record for miles traveled by secretary of state

John Kerry is now the most traveled secretary of state in U.S. history.

Kerry's trip Wednesday from New York to Bahrain pushed him past 1.06 million miles as America's top diplomat.

Condoleezza Rice held the previous mark with 1.059 million miles. Kerry eclipsed Hillary Clinton's mileage tally in December.

One record eludes Kerry still: Clinton's 112 countries visited on the job.

Having shuttled regularly between several favorite destinations — including Paris, London and Jerusalem — Kerry had only been to 80 countries.

Bahrain makes 81.

It is the first trip by an American secretary of state since demonstrations by the kingdom's Shiite majority in 2011. Saudi and Emirati troops helped put down the protests, though discontent continues. Human rights groups chastise Bahrain's Sunni rulers for repression and discrimination.