Increase in Atlantic Bluefin tuna catches top ICCAT agenda

Nations from around the Atlantic and Mediterranean are starting to assess how much more of the prized Bluefin tuna can be caught in the next years amid signs stocks of the iconic fish are continuing to recover.

The 50-nation International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas opens its year-end meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, Tuesday with pressure weighing to allow nations to catch much more Bluefin after years of cuts.

The catch quota of the fish — a gastronomic delight in sushi bars around the globe — currently stands at 24,000 tons, but many nations are seeking an increase up to 36,000 tons. Environmental groups are calling for a slight increase at best to safeguard the recovery.

The ICCAT has the United States, Japan and the 28-nation EU among its contracting nations.