Imelda Marcos elated at son's strong ratings in VP race

Imelda Marcos has expressed elation over her son's strong pre-election ratings in the Philippine vice presidential race, saying "at last, truth and justice will come."

The widow of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos helped campaign for her son Thursday night in a rally in suburban Mandaluyong city where she handed out fans with his picture and political motto: "Unity and progress."

In the latest pre-election survey, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. closely trailed administration-endorsed Rep. Leni Robredo. Marcos led in previous surveys.

Asked if Mrs. Marcos felt vindicated despite the many allegations against the Marcoses, she did not answer categorically but thanked God and the Filipino people.

"At last truth and justice will come," she said. "Sometimes the truth and justice grinds exceedingly slow but it grinds exceedingly well."