Hundreds of Mozambicans flee to Malawi to escape fighting between government and opposition

A Malawian official says hundreds of Mozambicans have fled into the neighboring country following fighting between the government and opposition fighters.

Commissioner for Malawi's Mwanza district, Gift Rapozo, told The Associated Press Monday that about 700 Mozambicans fled into the country two weeks ago and more are crossing the border to escape fighting between the Mozambican army and fighters loyal to the opposition party Renamo.

Mozambican Agriculture Minister Jose Pacheco, who is the government's chief negotiator with Renamo, said Renamo fighters carried out two attacks in northern Tete province, violating a peace agreement signed last year before the general elections.

Renamo's chief negotiator, Simon Macuiane said the government must provide proof of the attacks.

Renamo and Frelimo signed a peace accord in September last year.