Girls rescue cat, kittens trapped under trailer for five days

Two girls in British Columbia came to the rescue of a cat with her kittens stuck for days underneath a trailer in the back of their elementary school, the CBC reported.

The girls in Summerland, east of Vancouver, heard one of the kittens meowing and scratching to get out, but could not reach the animal.

Eventually, the girls got one of their friends' fathers to come by with a power drill and removed one of the large boards trapping the cats.

"We could hear it scratching the walls inside and we were like, 'we have to get it out,'" Isobel Schneider, 11, said.

The adult cat was bone-thin. One of the girls made sure the animal got food and water right away.

"If we didn’t hear that cat, she and those kittens would have died," Mackenzie Stevens, 10, said. "It’s a really cool feeling that we rescued them."