German-born Islamist known for propaganda videos aimed at Germany dies in Pakistan

BERLIN (AP) — German officials said Monday that a suspected Islamic terrorist linked to a group convicted of plotting attacks on U.S. facilities in Germany appears to have been killed in Pakistan.

Germany's main domestic intelligence agency said that a statement issued by the Islamic Jihad Union informing of 22-year-old Eric Breininger's death on April 30 appeared to be authentic.

"Based on our general knowledge, the contents of the statement appear to be authentic," the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution said in a statement.

The agency said that Breininger had appeared in the past on videos with the leader of the organization.

Breininger had been sought by German federal prosecutors since 2008 on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization. Although prosecutors had at no point linked him to any attacks or plots, Breininger is believed to have been recruited to Islam by members of a cell convicted in March of plotting to attack U.S. targets in Germany.