Experts board Concordia to see if there is evidence of more than human error in shipwreck

Experts have boarded the Costa Concordia cruise liner to investigate whether there is more to the ship's sinking than is contained in prosecutors' case against its captain.

A team on Thursday examined the bridge and elevators of the ship, which sank Jan. 13, 2012, killing 32 people. The vessel was righted in September at the accident site.

The goal is to investigate if any factors beyond human error contributed to the shipwreck. Next month experts are to examine the liner's emergency generator.

A judge granted a request for the onboard evaluation to collect evidence sought by Capt. Francesco Schettino's defense and a consumer group representing victims.

Schettino is the only person being tried, but his defense and others contend that Costa Crociere SpA, the ship's owner, bears some responsibility.