Ex-NYPD officer charged with pimping while off-duty behind bars for a second time

A former New York City police officer who was arrested earlier this year for allegedly working as a pimp when off-duty is back behind bars because prosecutors believe that he back to his old ways.

Prosecutors told a judge that 34-year-old Eduardo Cornejo was tracked via GPS monitoring frequenting a number of sleazy motels in Staten Island and Queens, including Long Island.

“There is no legitimate reason for the defendant to have been at area hotels on the 10 listed occasions other than to promote or patronize prostitutes,” Assistant U.S. Attorneys Kevin Trowel and Alexander Solomon wrote to Judge Brian Cogan at Brooklyn Federal Court, according to the New York Daily News.

Cornejo was also spotted in late July by NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau investigators in a vehicle with a prostitute he was known to associate with before his arrest.

As an extra bit of evidence that Cornejo is still up to his old tricks, prosecutors attached an Instagram photo of the alleged pimp with a very questionable caption.

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“His boldness is also on display in the attached Instagram post from July in which the defendant flouts his supervision and brags that ‘I got a bag for the lawyers, like… What's your charges?’…Hop out of the courtroom like #WhatCharges? Big P[IMP]in' on you court steps,” the letter states.

Cornejo’s attorney Michael Padden, however, asserts that the caption in the Instagram post is actually part of the lyrics rapped by Jay Z in the song “I Got The Keys” from DJ Khaled's new album “Major Key.”

Cornejo, a 10-year veteran of the NYPD, was first busted back in February after a tip was received last year that he was using his own personal vehicle to drive prostitutes throughout New York and New Jersey.

Court documents detail an FBI investigation that began in earnest in July 2015. Undercover officers followed Cornejo's vehicle for six months before eventually bugging his car and recording conversations inside — which all but caught the cop-turned-pimp in action.

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