Details of Qaddafi's Killing in Dispute, as Libya Pledges Investigation

The world may agree on the fact of Muammar Qaddafi's death -- his body lies rotting in a store freezer -- but the chain of events late last week that led to the ousted Libyan leader's death remains very much in dispute.

Numerous videos have surfaced seeming to show Qaddafi alive Thursday moments after his capture and moments before he was killed. He is said to have been dragged by rebel forces from a drain pipe following a NATO airstrike. In a new video he can bee seen wiping blood from his eye in a daze, as rebels surround him firing automatic weapons into the air and shouting, "Allahu Akbar," God is great.

Four days later, Libyans were still lining up to see the shirtless and bloodied corpse of Qaddafi and his son. Spectators, many wearing face masks to block the smell of decomposing flesh, were finally stopped from entering the makeshift morgue, after Qaddafi’s body had been shuttled around the city.

Libya's new leaders still contend that Qaddafi died in a crossfire, but new video shows him in the final moments before his death being paraded around like a trophy of war and then with a gunshot wound to the temple.

"We have indeed requested, based on international demands, that the death of Qaddafi be investigated as he died during a clash and crossfire with his supporters, said Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Libya's interim leader.

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    Several new unauthenticated videos have appeared on the Internet made by Libyans who say they fired the final shots -- execution style. In one, an unidentified man holds up a bloodied shirt he claims he took from Qaddafi and a gold ring that he says he took off the dead dictator's hand.

    "We grabbed him, I hit him in the face. Some fighters wanted to take him away, and that's when I shot him, twice in the head and in the chest," the man said.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is being pressed about comments upon hearing of Qaddafi’s death: "We came, we saw, he died."

    Clinton’s tone stood in stark contrast to the way in which the Obama administration handled the killing of Usama Bin Laden by Navy SEALs. Bin Laden's body was buried quietly at sea, and the the White House barred the release of photos of the dead Al Qaeda leader because it did not want to be perceived as “spiking the football.”

    "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace asked Clinton if she had regrets about what she said in her initial reaction to Qaddafi's death.

    "Well, you know, I'm not going to comment on that," Clinton said. "We didn't even know what was happening at that time because it was an unconfirmed report."

    Despite prevalent reports that Qaddafi was executed, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland still suggested Monday it wasn't clear Qaddafi was captured alive, calling it a problem of the "fog of war."

    "There will be an investigation," she said.

    Nuland added that she thought the interim Libyan leadership would honor the Qaddafi family's request to send the body soon to them in Algeria. But a Libyan rebel commander said Monday afternoon that Qaddafi would be buried as early as Tuesday in an unmarked grave in Libya.