Canadians Plan Protest Inspired by 'Occupy Wall Street'

Activists in Canada said Monday they plan to organize anti-Wall Street protests inspired by the demonstrations in New York, the Globe and Mail reports.

Organizers have reportedly planned protests in Toronto as well as several other Canadian cities.

The protest will follow the example of 'Occupy Wall Street' in New York, where activists are speaking out against corporate greed and other grievances.

In Toronto, the protest is set to begin Saturday, Oct. 15, in the city's financial district, according to the group's website. The protesters plan to organize over the weekend and march Monday when the Toronto Stock Exchange opens, the Globe and Mail reports.

Organizers in Vancouver say they plan to occupy an area outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. They advise attendees to bring tents so they can stay "as long as it takes," according to the group's Facebook page.

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