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A British Royal Navy submarine captain has been placed on leave after holding a “rave-themed barbeque” at a Plymouth dockyard amid a nationwide lockdown meant to limit the impact of the coronavirus, according to reports.

Commander John Lewis, captain of the HMS Trenchant, a nuclear-powered attack submarine, is under “administrative investigation” after reportedly ignoring orders from superiors banning an impromptu social event once the vessel arrived at HMNB Devonport to undergo repairs, The Times reported.

Cell phone video posted by the site Forces Compare -- and then circulated on social media -- showed two sailors dancing behind a DJ booth while blaring techno music. Other sailors were seen laughing at tables while enjoying a meal on the dock. Some were drinking alcohol, one unnamed source told the BBC.


Video shared by Forces Compare showed HMS Trenchant sailors partying dockside.

The crew had returned from three months out patrolling and had been instructed to remain in isolation together with the submarine at the naval base in south England instead of returning home to their families.

The United Kingdom has recorded at least 154,037 confirmed coronavirus cases, with at least 20,795 deaths by Monday, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to the helm Monday after recovering from the coronavirus, telling his country that “the end of the first phase of this conflict” is near, but the lockdowns aren’t going away anytime soon.

Video shared by Forces Compare showed HMS Trenchant sailors eating and listening to music while sitting on the dock after their submarine came ashore.


Johnson, 55, made the comments outside his 10 Downing Street office after being sidelined for three weeks while battling COVID-19. He said Britain had reached the moment of “maximum risk” in its outbreak – yet current coronavirus prevention measures are likely to be extended beyond May 7.