World's Oldest Traveling Minister Credits Faith for Good Health, Longevity

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HOUSTON -- Traveling ministries may seem a thing of the past, but not for Otis Clark.

Bishop Otis Clark has been preaching all over the world for the past 89 years, MyFoxHouston reports.

He continued his lifelong craft and spoke at a public gathering in Houston Tuesday night.

He is 108 years young, doesn’t take any medications, doesn’t wear a hearing aid and can walk on his own, no cane needed.

Clark was born in 1903 in Oklahoma, surviving segregation, the Tulsa Race Riots in 1921, and The Great Depression.

But Clark did not always live a Christian life. He says he was jailed for having “moonshine,” a form of whiskey during prohibition.

He credits the Salvation Army for his conversion to Christianity in 1922, when he was just 19.

Clark said preachers told him “to become Christian and stop selling liquor, stop that kind of living and get on God’s side.”

When he got out of jail, he decided to turn his life around. Clark says God gave him a new mind.

He credits his good health and longevity to his faith, saying, “God himself promises that if you get on his side, which is to be a Christian, you will have a good life, and that good life will make you able to live a long life.”

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World's Oldest Traveling Minister: