Woman wearing only a towel steals car and dog from Georgia family

A Georgia man planning to visit his dad on Father's Day says his car -- and his beloved dog -- were stolen by a mysterious woman who was wearing only a bath towel.

Matt Sanders, of Hall County, said he packed his belongings and his dog, Bear, into the vehicle Sunday morning before going back into his home to grab his phone.

When he came outside, he saw the woman sitting in the driver's seat.

“She’s in a towel, and I’m just like… 'What?'” Sanders told Fox 5 Altanta. Then it hits me that someone is trying to steal my dog and my car.”

Sanders describes the woman as a middle-aged Caucasian with light colored curly hair, wearing nothing but a bath towel. He recalled pleading to the woman to give the dog back, but instead, she sped off.

“That dog goes everywhere with me,” Sanders told the station. "It’s just my child.”

Sanders filed a police report and is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for anyone that can bring the dog home safely.

“That’s a person that I’ve spent my life with, and I want them back,” he told Fox 5 Atlanta. “My life isn’t complete right now. I’m torn up… torn up."