An upstate New York man accused of kidnapping a woman and chaining her up in his basement was arrested Monday after a search that stretched on for hours, police announced.

The suspect -- 25-year-old Michael Ciskiewic -- was hit with charges including kidnapping, burglary, rape, and assault.

Niagara Falls officers said they started receiving calls Sunday about a missing woman and found a trail of blood leading up to the back door of a home on Monroe Avenue. Investigators then breached the door and found the woman chained up inside, Niagara Falls Detective Captain Kelly Rizzo told the Niagara Gazette.

However, Ciskiewic had vanished.

During the day Monday, officers negotiated with Ciskiewic over the phone for several hours, believing he was holed up inside a home, WIVB reported. However, after they reportedly smashed the home's windows, they determined he was not inside.


By Monday evening, investigators said they tracked him down to a Niagara Falls industrial area where he'd been hiding, and finally arrested him.

The woman who was found chained up reportedly received treatment at a nearby hospital before doctors released her.

Fox News' Mike Arroyo contributed to this report.