An Oregon woman reportedly launched an exhaustive search earlier this month after finding an engagement ring in the front-seat tray of her daughter’s Subaru, which was freshly back from the auto shop. And just in time for Mother’s Day, she got the ring back to its rightful owner.

Eileen Korey of Lake Oswego, near Portland, had taken her daughter’s car to the shop to get an airbag replaced, according to the Oregonian. The mechanic told Korey the ring fell to the floor when he opened the steering column to replace the airbag.


After making sure the ring didn’t belong to anyone in her family – or anyone at the auto shop – Korey tracked down the first owner of the Subaru using paperwork she found in the glove compartment. Her detective work led her to a dealership in Beaverton, and the car’s first owners: Daniel and Ashleigh Hannah. They had sold the car in 2014. Korey’s daughter bought it in 2015.

The Hannahs had purchased the “small but sentimental” ring worth about $1,200 when they got engaged and were saving money to buy a house. Months after the birth of her first child, Ashleigh Hannah made a gesture while giving directions to her husband in the car. The ring flew from her finger, and although they found her wedding band, the engagement ring was lost, the Oregonian reported.

The owners of the ring sold the car in 2014.  (iStock)

The couple searched the parking lot and the car for hours to no avail. They forgot about the ring and Ashleigh later got a larger one.

Finally, this month Korey made contact with Daniel Hannah. They met, and as a reward for returning the ring, she simply asked that Daniel send her a photo of the moment he surprised his wife with her lost engagement ring, the Oregonian reported.

On Mother’s Day, her now 5-year-old son gave her the “small but sentimental” ring. It didn’t fit and was much smaller than her replacement ring, but none of that mattered.


She now plans to wear the ring as a pendant around her neck – close to her heart and hopefully more difficult to lose.