Woman arrested 396 times vows to turn life around

A Chicago woman who’s been arrested 396 times over the past 35 years says she’s hoping for a new start, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Shermain Miles, 52, who was released from Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, Ill. on Monday, said she’s given up alcohol, drugs and old friends.

Miles' offenses ranged from disorderly conduct and theft to her latest crime, an assault on an alderman two years ago, NBC Chicago.com reported. But prison officials say she was a good inmate during her one-year stint.

The chairman of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, Adam Monreal, met with Miles nearly a half dozen times and says he’s optimistic Miles will walk the straight and narrow now that’s she’s been released, he told the Sun-Times.

“I’m really not that bad a person,” Miles said. “It was the alcohol I was drinking that turned me into a monster.”

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