Wisconsin man reportedly finds 1-carat diamond in friend's well

A Wisconsin man who found a 1.22-carat diamond in his friend’s well reportedly thought the find was just a piece of glass.

PierceCountyHerald.com reports that Dan Fagnan, of St. Croix County, was recently given the chance by a friend to pan through a wet pile of rocks and sand and spotted a tiny rock within the minerals removed from 120 feet below the surface.

Fagnan decided to take the stone, transparent and with an irregular shape, to a nearby jeweler, where owner Karen Greaton determined it was a diamond.

“It’s pretty interesting,” said Greaton, adding that the stone was likely pushed southward from Canadian volcanic activity and was left in Wisconsin after the Ice Age.

Fagnan said he now plans to have Greaton’s Designing Jewelers place the stone in a necklace for his soon-to-be-born child. The diamond won’t be cut because 60 percent of the stone would be lost.

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“It’s better to just keep it raw,” said Greaton, whose jewelry designer intends to place the lucky find in a three-dimensional cage.

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