Which is America's most escalator-challenged state?

Living in any state has many ups and downs, but in Wyoming there are actually only two. Escalators, that is.

A report by The Atlantic found that both of the state’s escalators are in banks in the town of Casper.

“I don’t even think the hospital has an escalator,” a Jackson Chamber of Commerce representative told The Atlantic.

There were rumors of a new escalator possibly being built in an airport, but the airport wound up only being one level, eliminating the need for one.

In the state’s capital of Cheyenne, “we haven’t had one for quite a long while,” Dick Mason, a representative in the city’s Building Office told The Atlantic.

Elevators, however, are in abundance. “There are code issues involved with escalators, which make them somewhat less popular,” Mason told The Atlantic. “The code does not want openings between adjacent floors that are unprotected,” adding that elevators, “are pretty much foolproof.”

Another city representative said that rather than build tall buildings, “we spread out.”

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