'We would all die for him': 6 soldiers who served with Bergdahl seek answers

Six soldiers who served in the same platoon as Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan expressed anger, sadness and outrage over what they said unequivocally was Bergdahl’s willful desertion five years ago, with one telling Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, “we would all die for him and he left.”

When asked by Kelly on “The Kelly File” if they thought Bergdahl had deserted their platoon, all six men raised their hands. They also all agreed Bergdahl should be court-martialed and tried for desertion, saying this is not about politics.

“Here is the thing. When you’re in combat doesn’t matter, left, right, Independent, Jedi, whatever you want to be,” one of the soldiers, Cody Full, said. “He’s my brother, he’s my brother, he’s my brother. We’ll all ride together, we’ll all die together. I don’t know how he felt about us but we would all die for him and he left.”

Bergdahl’s former team leader, Evan Buetow, said that America is waiting to hear Bergdahl’s side of the story, but it was clear to him then and now that he deserted because of comments Bergdahl had made.

Buetow said when the platoon realized that Bergdahl was missing, they immediately went to neighboring towns looking for him and finding him was their top priority. He said two Afghan children first told them they saw Bergdahl crawling through the weeds with no weapons, which the children thought was unusual.

Buetow said all missions after that were re-focused to finding Bergdahl, leaving their original missions to not be fulfilled.

Full and the others agreed they were surprised when they read reports Bergdahl told his father he was horrified by the war, because he had told them he wished there was more combat.

“He was wanting to do more aggressive stuff and was frustrated we weren’t allowed to do it,” Full said.

The soldiers also responded to criticism that they were speaking out as a political ploy. One of the soldiers, Gordon Sutton, said he was “flattered” the Obama administration was acknowledging their complaints, but the soldiers agreed they had no political motives.

Instead, they agreed, they are speaking out to get to the truth and to express their outrage at Bergdahls parents being honored in a Rose Garden appearance with President Obama. Beutow said the Rose Garden appearance made him so upset, he had to leave the room.

“(Bergdahl) did not serve with distinction. That’s a spit in the face to everyone who joined the Army and anyone who died looking for him. What do you think their families think?” he said.

The soldiers said they just want the truth about what happened, and Bergdahl owes an explanation to them and the American people.

“We had enough time to deal with our feelings about it,” Buetow said. “I don’t think any of us are angry at him but we need closure, everybody needs closure at this point and now that it’s this big, all of America needs closure, not just the people there.”