Sarah Dean has every right to feel hate and righteous anger about what happened to her last December in Poulsbo. She was walking along Highway 305 when troopers say a Dodge Dakota crossed the fog line and knocked her over the guardrail.

The driver took off and left her for dead.

“Spun her off the guardrail, over the guardrail and she had to climb back up to the guardrail to get to the freeway or it’s very likely nobody would have every known she was there,” said her stepdad, Rod McKenzie.

Doctors at Harborview Medical Center had to amputate her right foot during one of her five surgeries. Dean is home now in Bainbridge Island, learning to cope emotionally and physically and she’s come to a decision about the person who hit her.

“It’s not easy but I forgive you,” said Dean.

She’s even written ‘FORGIVE’ on the bottom of her prosthetic foot.  A powerful word full of hope and understanding but forgiving is not forgetting.

“You've been hiding out. I know it so I forgive you. But come out, get the help you need,” said Dean.

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