Washington state man finds woman living in his attic

A Washington state man made a startling discovery when he arrived at his home Monday night.

Davis Wahlman, of Green Lake, told KOMO News when he got to his house he found a couple of lights on and his bathroom window screen in his tub, but said nothing strange dawned on him until he heard some noises coming from his attic the next morning.

"I am kind of jolted out of bed," Wahlman said. "I hear rummaging around above me, which I know is the attic so I'm like 'That's kind of weird.'"

Wahlman tried to figure out what in fact was going on and noticed a light that was on in his office space. The door was locked and when he knocked, he got no response. He then heard a woman’s voice coming from the room.

"'Jimmy? Is that you, Jimmy?'" Wahlman explained. "I'm like 'No, it's not Jimmy. Who is this and why are you in my house?'"

The woman then opened the door and Wahlman began grilling her on why she was in his house.

"I'm like 'Who the heck are you?' Why are you in my house?'" Wahlman said. "And she just keeps kind of going 'This is my house. I live here. I've been here for three days. Jimmy said I could live here, Jimmy said I could stay here.'"

Wahlman said he tried to keep the woman in the house until police arrived, but said it took 18 minutes for officers to arrive, and she got away. He said that was a bit disappointing.

He told KOMO News that he was still unsure how the woman got into his home without messing up anything. He said only a few things were out of place and a fire escape ladder was hanging from the deck.

The woman was described as having dark hair, wearing gym warm up pants with a black track jacket and white hood. She also was carrying a backpack and was wearing a white-knit cap.

Seattle police are investigating the incident.

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